Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Patriots Day

I was listening to my favorite radio station, WTKK 96.9. here in Mass. I regularly listen to these two and I have learned many things. I have also had my mind changed. But I am not surprised by most of what is said. Today, I was struck. In between marathon talk and traffic complaints, the discussion turned to another frivolous holiday.

How can Patriots Day be a frivolous holiday?

If you are not from New England or surrounding areas you would probably not know that we celebrate Patriots Day in April. Some may only think of the Boston Marathon held this day. We celebrate this special day because Boston is the place where the American Revolution started.

The Revolution where one third of our ancestors fought. Men, women and children lost their lives for freedom. What many people have no idea of is that the people who did not lose their lives lost everything else. Homes were burned to the ground. Family members were imprisoned. Years of hard work and future generations were sacrificed in order to achieve America's freedom.

Patriots Day celebrates the battle of Lexington and Concord as well as Paul Revers ride. April 19th, 1775 started our fight for independence with "the shot heard round the world". Lexington and Concord reenact the events of the past to show respect and gratitude for those sacrifices. Some events start as early as 5:00 am. The preparation and commitment is astounding. These people give up their time to honor the dead and educate the living. These events hopefully will keep the past alive for generations to come.

I digress..

I know believe that people (not just my beloved hosts) wonder about these "frivolous" holidays because they have not sacrificed anything close to what our ancestors had. Whether it be our founding or our immigrant ancestors. They only care that they can do what they want and stop people from doing what they think is incorrect, i.e.: smoking, certain foods, etc.

We may see snippets of clips on TV of fighting, bombs and bullets. But what we never see is the soldiers helping villagers stay safe only to lose limbs or their lives. The powers that be shield us from what they deem necessary, right or wrong. The media shows us what they think will sway the vote to help their causes.

Our ancestors started the fight for the freedom we have today. Our one third today still fights for those freedoms. Whether it be keeping our freedom in tact or helping other countries fighting for theirs. It does not matter that they agree with the administration in command but that they have a duty and they honor it. And for that - I celebrate.

Happy Patriots Day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Where is our “Boston Tea Party”?

I do not care if my president is a man or a woman, if my president is black or white, or if my president is a republican or a democrat. I do care if my president has what is best for my country in their heart and mind.

With our country coming to one of its most important elections of its history. I find myself wondering about things that never mattered before. Will the America I have come to love and cherish be taken away from me and my future generations? What is the quote on good intentions?

I fear the next president will have the power and want to destroy what is left of this great country. The core beliefs and values that sparked a group of ordinary men to risk everything for independence.

When did we become so passive and fearful? Have we become so complacent in our sense of entitlement that we care not to fight for what we can hope to achieve. We need to have common sense put back into the equation. Sometimes the most complicated issues can be solved by the simplest solutions. No matter how bad the people may want 2 + 2 to equal 5, it will always be 4 that the answer will be. We need to look at facts and not feelings to get past rough spots. As a parent must do with its child when it needs guidance. Our country and its citizens need that guidance now more than ever. Strong leaders who can make the tough decisions that will ensure we will endure for future generations.

There used to be a time, before I was born, that we were proud to be Americans. People would travel on ships for months at a time to come here, leaving family and risking death. And if my memory serves me they still do.

Patriotism was something to be revered. When did it become such a dirty word to utter? I can remember the pride I felt, as a child of five, that I could take part in my towns parade to celebrate our great country’s bicentennial. My Mother holding on to my hand (tightly) while I waved a tiny flag. My thoughts were of how could I find a way to walk in that parade when I got older. I believe that was the beginning of my love for history. The history that has shaped America and turned this once “subjects of the king” to a leader among leaders.

Some say we have become a tyrant that tells other countries how to live. A bully pushing countries into following our way of government. I say we are a country who shares our lives and compassion. America is the country who comes and fights the Bully when no one else will stand up. Our countryman give freely of themselves, wether it be our money or our lives. Parents send their children, some their only child to help other people. People they have never met or will never meet in places that some cannot even point to on a map. So that they may experience one day what all should. Freedom.

As John Adams once said “We are in a state of Revolution”, I believe that time is here again. We are a republic. A country were its people have a direct impact on the government. Our government and its citizens have come to a cross roads and I pray that we take the correct road. But if we do make a mistake, we must have the courage to acknowledge and change. Not for the sake of our selfs but of our country. The country our ancestors fought and died for. Our country that our brothers and sisters still die for.

We need to get back to what America was founded upon. We need to take America back.

God Bless America